How to empower employees to promote workplace safety

Managing all of your priorities as a business owner is not to be taken lightly.  Especially when those priorities seem to be in tension, maybe even competition.  

New York State recently enacted the New York Health and Essential Rights (HERO) Act.  How can you implement these requirements while maintaining the necessary productivity?  Your friends at JFA insurance are here to help you navigate this.  

While there are many components to the HERO Act, we’d like to help you process how this law helps you empower your employees to create a work environment that they feel safe in.


The HERO act requires that all worksites with at least 10 employees to utilize safety committees.  While this may necessitate some extra work on the front end, it can yield benefits beyond productivity.  

Who better to create a safe space to work in than the employees themselves?  

To that end, here are the five requirements of safety committees.  

  1. 2/3’s of each committee must be comprised of non-supervisory employees 
  2. One of the co-chairs must be a non-supervisory employee 
  3. The committee is limited to discussion of worker’s safety 
  4. Employers must allow regular workplace safety meetings during work hours at least once per quarter 
  5. Meetings shall not last longer than two hours 


Three keys in fostering a collaborative environment on your safety committees.  

  1. Workers should feel comfortable providing input and be free to report safety concerns. 
  2. Workers should have access to some information to effectively participate 
  3. The act states that employees should not face retaliation if and when they raise safety and health concerns 


Our team at JFA Insurance has first hand experience implementing this act.  We’ve walked through the challenges and seen the rewards.  We’re here to walk with as you employ the HERO act.  

Whether you are starting fresh, starting over, or starting to tweak – you are in the driver’s seat.  The HERO Act provides you a great opportunity to build a safe, healthy teamwork environment. 

Utilizing an employee-based safety and health committee will help minimize risk, reduce compensation claims, and cultivate a healthy work environment.  

And that can help your bottom line.

If implemented well, the requirements of the HERO act can be a win for everyone involved.  

For more information or assistance, call one of our friendly and knowledgable staff at 718-767-4040.

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