JFA Insurance & Women's Business Enterprise


Founded in 1997, The Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), is the largest third party certifier of businesses that are controlled, owned, and operated by women. Every day, the WBE strives to be the leader in women’s business development, while fueling economic growth by providing access to opportunity, as well as facilitating the development of women-owned-businesses.

Contractors in New York looking to do state or government work are required to use the services of a WBE or MBE.  JFA Insurance Brokerage & Associates, Inc. is proud to be a certified WBE with New York State, New York City and Port Authority.  To fulfill your requirements, you can insure your project with JFA Insurance Brokerage & Associates, Inc.  Click here to learn more about the WBE or contact us and we will take care of all of your insurance needs!