Nationwide Loss Control Services

Business safety and loss control are necessary components of a complete business plan. That’s why risk assessment, planning, prevention and workplace safety products benefit your business. Remember, a safety-first attitude is good for everyone, from business owners to employees to customers.

Our Loss Control Services team has safety and risk management professionals across the country available to review your operations, procedures and programs. We can help you manage risk and keep your businesses running smoothly.

Insurance loss control services provide solutions

We can customize effective cost-reduction and loss-reduction solutions for your business. We offer coverage-based consultation for:

Commercial Auto

From a few vehicles to a full fleet, Nationwide Loss Control Services has solutions to help keep your drivers safe.

We’ve created a number of bulletins to prepare you for the dangers on the road. You also have access to loss control program reviews, fleet safety seminars and training, as well as discounts on driver training and fleet management services.

General Liability

We have resources available to assist with risk transfer, completed operations, and how to help reduce the likelihood of slips and falls at your facility.

The need for cyber risk management is also growing, and Loss Control Services can help make your data security management a priority. These types of claims can sometimes result in costly legal issues, so we’re dedicated to helping you protect your business’s reputation.


Workplace safety products aren’t just insurance policies; they also include the physical means of protecting your property.

While fire and crime are often the most obvious dangers, our team has resources for these and many more preventative measures to help protect your property. By evaluating sprinkler systems, estimating replacement costs, and helping you create a business continuity plan, you can be more prepared for how to protect your business and how to recover when a disaster occurs.

Workers’ Compensation

Preventing accidents in the workplace starts with evaluating your risks and exposures, and eventually leads to creating a “successful return to work” program for your employees.

Loss Control Services can help with safety training, industrial hygiene, and the effectiveness of your controls to help reduce the number of injuries to your workers.

Tools & resources

We offer a complete library of learning resources on loss control risk management.

Welding Safety (PDF)

Proper Food Handling & Storage (PDF)

Post-Accident Reporting (PDF)

Preventing Slips and Falls (PDF)

Burglary Protection (PDF)

Snow and Ice Removal Program (PDF)

Cyber Liability (PDF)

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