The Most Important Insurance You Didn’t Know You Need

Cabin Fever.  The Winter Blues.  For many, the winter season stretches further than your endurance.  Sure, you dreamed of a white Christmas. 

But Bing Crosby didn’t croon for all of your post-Christmas holidays to be Merry, Bright, and White.

Maybe this is why the peak travel time to Cancun Mexico is between December and April.  In fact, travel is so high during this time, that the travel section in US News recommends avoiding Cancun from mid-March to early April.   

Travel Preparations 

Are you preparing to join crowds seeking reprieve from the northern snow in the embrace of the southern sun?  

If so, you’ve probably thought through many of the basics.  Sunscreen.  Transportation.  Someone to look after your home and goods.  

Do you know, though, if your current health insurance will cover any medical needs that you may have while you’re on vacation? 

Health Insurance Hiccups 

The landscape of health insurance is not easy to traverse.  Some issues are covered, others are not.  Like dental or vision.  Some doctor’s visits are covered while others are not.  Like emergency rooms or urgent care.    

Then there are the issues of what hospitals are in your HMO’s network and which are not.  

When you’re on vacation, wouldn’t you rather only have to worry about which restaurant has a table open and not which hospital will be covered by your insurance?  

(pic of frustrated person looking at computer or paper docs.  Maybe gif of Christ Farley pulling out his hair?)

Travel Health Insurance to the Rescue

Our team at JFA Insurance understands these concerns.  That’s why one of the unique insurance coverages we offer is Travel Health Insurance.   

Travel Health Insurance is specifically designed to cut through the confusion and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your vacation.  

Types of Travel Health Insurance 

Before deciding on purchasing insurance, it’s important to educate yourself.  Travel Health Insurance falls into two major categories: Primary and Secondary.  

According to Ashley Kilroy and Amy Danise at Forbes Advisor

“Travel medical insurance can be primary or secondary coverage, depending on the plan. If it’s primary, it will pay out before any other health insurance you have. If you have health insurance and buy travel medical insurance as secondary coverage, your own health plan must pay first.

If you’re traveling overseas and your U.S. health plan doesn’t provide coverage, a travel medical plan that’s “secondary” will essentially become primary coverage due to lack of other insurance.” 

Ensuring a Great Vacation 

Let the team at JFA Insurance help you have a worry-free vacation.  Our welcoming team of experts is ready to help you get the insurance you need to ensure the vacation you deserve.  

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