The Value of your Local Insurance Agent

Are you in the market for a new home?  If so, you probably have a realtor on your side.  As you should.  But do you have an insurance agent on your side?  

Have you considered how much value an insurance agent brings to the home buying process?  Here are five reasons you want an insurance agent in your corner before you buy.  

  •  Budget

Dreams need to be funded.  Many lenders require home owner’s insurance.  Insurance agents know many of the hidden costs in a home.  Does your dream home have a pool?  Fireplace?  

How about the location?  Not just the neighborhood, though that impacts premiums.  You also need to consider flood zones, distance from fire hydrants, and more.  

This all factors into your monthly payment.  

  • Local Insight 

Many insurance agents have their lives personally integrated into the fabric of the community.  This goes a long way.  They often know which professionals are trustworthy such as home inspectors, realtors, contractors.  

They also have access to the history of your potential home.  

  • Previous Claims 

Did you know that previous claims filed by previous owners can impact your insurance premiums?  It also may reveal chronic issues in your home.  

Take water damage as an example.  Multiple claims for water damage may not only indicate a chronic water problem, it may also expose significant issues such as a problem with mold.  

  • Thorough Understanding

Have you ever reviewed a home inspection?  Do you know what each category of concern means?  Do you have confidence that you know which potential issues you can handle yourself?  An insurance agent can help you process the report.  

Even if you know you’re taking on a project, an insurance agent can help you understand how that project will impact your insurance rates.  Before and after it’s done.  

  • Personalized Coverage 

You can choose blanket coverage.  But even if you do, you’ll have to determine how much value your personalized items have.  As well as the market value and replacement value of your home.  

Many factors impact your insurance rates and what to insure.  An independent insurance agent you can trust can help you process what you need – and what you don’t.  

The current housing market is competitive.  You don’t have to lose.  Contact JFA Insurance today so we can help you land your dream home.  

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